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First United Methodists threw their hat into the ring over 50 years ago. There was a need in Boulder to support at-risk youth. When the idea of establishing housing for at-risk youth ages 18-24 came up, it was immediately seen as the right thing to do to further support people in our community in a practical and forward thinking way. The careful planning that has gone into making this another success story for Boulder at-risk youth reinforces my belief that this is a win-win for the new residents and the historic neighborhood!

I look forward to seeing the partnership between FUMC and Attention Homes move forward with gusto!
— Karen Sandvold (FUMC member since 1965)
My wife and I have recently become members of First United Methodist Church. One of the many things that has impressed us with this church are the “big deal” projects this church takes on like the Attention Homes Affordable Housing Project. The work Attention Homes does for our community is so important and they’ve been doing it extremely well for a long time. The new housing project will enable Attention Homes to easily connect their clients with other supportive service providers that our church partners with also such at OUT Boulder County and the Boulder County AIDS Project (BCAP). Please allow this project to continue.
— Bob Carr, FUMC member
I have been fortunate enough to work with homeless and at-risk youth for nearly 11 years now and through my work, have partnered with Attention Homes for almost 6 years. Through my organization, ALLY Youth Services, I refer many youths to Attention Homes on a regular basis and count on their services to aid these young adults – there is nothing else like them in Boulder. Further, the housing initiative that Attention Homes is proposing is very much needed, not just in Boulder but across the United States. We need forward-thinking solutions to our homelessness problem, especially for homeless youth, and permanent-supportive housing is a proven-method. What better place than Boulder to do this. I fully support this initiative. Congratulations to Attention Homes for leading the way!
— Christopher Senesi, Director of Operations at ALLY Youth Services
The Better Boulder Steering Committee wholeheartedly supports the Attention Homes Apartments concept. Infill development, downtown, on a surface parking lot - there is hardly a better location for affordable housing in our city. The site is walkable, bike friendly, and conveniently located to the RTD bus system. Its proximity to the Peal Street Mall and downtown businesses provides numerous employment opportunities to the residents who are targeted to live here. It appropriately locates the parking off the alley, underneath the building, and below grade. Kudos to the development team for requesting a 55% parking reduction. We support this project because it aligns with Better Boulder’s key priorities – it’s compact, connected, and affordable.
— Better Boulder – a voice for sustainable development and social innovation
For the past 50 years, Attention Homes has consistently met the needs of youth and families in crisis in Boulder. Having served over 8,500 youth between the ages of 12-24, we know that community-based interventions, stable housing, and age appropriate supports help youth transition to self-sufficiency. We believe this project will serve as a model for other youth-focused supportive housing developments nationwide and, ultimately, will be one that we can all be proud of.
— Claire Clurman | Executive Director, Attention Homes
The First United Methodist of Church is a founding partner in Attention Homes, going back to 1966. Fifty years ago, a carriage house on this property was the first housing for homeless youth in Boulder. This new development is an extension of what we already do and our congregation sees it as a huge asset to our community. It takes a group who are too often seen as superfluous and disposable and provides them with an opportunity to launch into independent, stable lives. By investing in these lives, we change lives, and we also change our community. As a Church, we strive to practice what we preach, and this development gives us a chance to do just that.
— Pat Bruns | Senior Pastor, First United Methodist Church
Trinity has been following the details of what is happening with the project at First United Methodist’s existing parking lot and we are very excited about it! Trinity is engaged in a similar project to building permanently affordable senior housing apartments on our existing parking lot, and we welcome other faith communities taking action to continue to provide services and resources for those on the margins of society, including homeless teens and young adults in Boulder. The downtown Boulder churches have historically, and continue, to take a lead on meeting community needs.
— Melanie Nehls Burrow | Coordinator of Congregational Life, Trinity Lutheran Church
Attention Homes does great work in our community. No child deserves to be homeless. They need this new building to accommodate their current and future needs.
— James Kreitman
Many years ago I was the principal of a Special Ed. High School for a residential rehab program in Chicago [Thresholds] for teens following psychiatric hospitalization. I am familiar with the fear and apprehension that developments like these meet from neighborhoods and would like to show support for your efforts.
— Robin Lowry
As a north Boulder resident I understand the trepidation expressed by neighbors regarding the proposed project for homeless youth at 1440 Pine St. The Housing First project at 1175 Lee Hill was met with similar concerns when first proposed several years ago. As you might recall the issue rather rocked the neighborhoods for quite a bit, many feeling that life, as we know it, would soon come to an end. Today, just over a year since opening, I can happily report that all is well. As a member of the 1175 Lee Hill Advisory Committee, I can say that it was quite a process. Neighborhoods can evolve and change and diversify without losing character and safety and while gaining interest and opportunity - opportunity for a vulnerable population and for the neighbors embracing them.
— Sherry Richards
As Whittier Neighborhood residents we strongly support the proposed permanently affordable Attention Home apartments at 1440 Pine Street that will serve low-income young adults who might otherwise end up homeless. Our community must be willing to support all its members with special needs, whether they live at Attention Homes or in private homes, where many also struggle with emotional or other issues in their lives. The issues of the prospective Attention Homes residents are by no means unique.
First United Methodist Church and Gardner Capital have made serious efforts to address neighborhood concerns as well as the needs of the apartment residents. The building is a good fit to this location, neighboring two large downtown churches at the transition to lower-density residences. The proximity to public transportation, educational opportunities, and potential jobs, including the jobs that could be offered by the grab-and-go café in the building, are definite assets.
Attention Homes has an excellent record of providing services for needy youth. They plan to offer a variety of services at the apartments, and to monitor access 24/7. These levels of support and security exceed what is available to other neighborhood residents with special needs living in private homes. We honestly do not believe the Attention Home residents would pose any additional danger to school children, beyond dangers already present in an urban residential area. We would be glad to welcome the new residents of Attention Homes as members of our community.
— Maria and Art Richmond, Whittier residents
I lived for several years just a few blocks away from the Attention Homes Shelter, The Source, in north Boulder. Not once in those years did I experience, or hear of my neighbors experiencing, any concern with any sort of concentration of young people hanging out in the area. I never even knew what Attention Homes was about or they were doing such great things with Boulder’s youth just up the street from me. Now that I do know, I so greatly appreciate their contributing to helping people on the path to self-sufficiency and healthy lifestyles. If I were to move next door to any of their locations, or have one move in next to me, I would be grateful to again have them as a neighbor.
— Darren O'Connor, Boulder resident
The BCAP Board of Directors is supportive of the mission of Attention Homes to serve homeless youth, and looks forward to being a good neighbor as Attention Homes moves forward with their expansion.  
— Boulder County AIDS Project
Gardner Capital Development is honored to have the opportunity to contribute to a project team with such committed and talented partners in a world-class city. As a family-owned company, we are committed to making a difference in the communities we serve and are humbled to be a part of this extremely important effort. Helping vulnerable populations is at the core of our mission and housing is a critical component to accomplishing that mission. Housing paired with supportive services for vulnerable populations is not only a proven method of transitioning youth to self-sufficiency…it saves lives. There could not be a more important cause. We look forward to collaborating with community leaders, local organizations, project neighbors, and city officials on this important endeavor.
— Michael Gardner | President, Gardner Capital Development
Through Worthy Cause funding, the Boulder County Commissioners have demonstrated support for Attention Homes’ development of housing units for homeless and at-risk youth in Boulder. The proposal is consistent with the Boulder County 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness in that it adds new units of supportive housing and addresses an important subset of the homeless population that is all-to-often overlooked. We appreciate the work of Attention Homes in our community and their efforts to address this important challenge.
— Boulder County Commissioners
As a resident of Boulder and a downtown business owner, I can’t express how proud I am that the City of Boulder is supporting this type of project. I’m fortunate to have two young adults at CU right now and can only imagine the emotional and physical struggles these homeless young people must face every day. I hope every Boulder resident who complains about the rising cost of housing and the increasing homeless population in our city will come out and support this fantastic project!
— Jeff Dawson | Principal, The Studio Architecture & Project Architect, Gardner/Attention Homes
I think your new proposal is fantastic. This age group is so underrepresented and really does need the help.
— Trish Kolbeck
I know this kind of project scares some people. Speaking from experience of someone who fought our neighborhood Housing First project in North Boulder [1175 Lee Hill], I would love to tell people how well it has fit into our neighborhood. I am now very proud of our Housing First apartment community and I hope the neighbors near this project will trust that this will work. One of the ways to make this a success is to be involved with how the building will relate to the rest of the neighborhood. We were given the opportunity to be involved in the design phase of 1175 Lee Hill. Instead of the building look like an institution, it looks like an iconic structure with lovely grounds and public art and with a welcoming entrance that makes us feel that we are connected, not cut off from one another. If ever anyone wants to speak with me, I am available by phone, 303-709-9102.
— Amy Helen Tremper
I live close to CU and am a retired attorney. This facility/service is SO needed. I would like to be on your email list and track progress. I am completely behind this important effort. Keep up the great work!
— Barbara Andrews

List of Supporters

Attention Homes Board of Directors

Boulder County Commissioners

Boulder County 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness Board

St. John´s Episcopal Church

Trinity Lutheran Church

Better Boulder Steering Committee

Boulder County AIDS Project Board of Directors

Boulder Housing Partners

Autumn Fischer, Social Worker & Whittier Neighbor

Cammie Wickham, retired Boulder Valley schoolteacher

Dana Romanoff, photographer and Boulder resident

Darren O'Connor, Boulder resident

Boulder Housing Partners, the Housing Authority for the City of Boulder

OUT Boulder

Scott Holton, Principal, Element Properties and Whittier Neighbor

Shaun Oshman, Founder and CEO, iSupportU (a downtown Boulder business)

Suzanne Crawford, CEO, Sister Carmen Community Center 

Stan Garnett, 20th Judicial District District Attorney

Paul Harris and Janet Eden-Harris

Nia Wassink, Voices For Children CASA

Kurt Nordback

Megan Kellums, Whittier Neighbor

Yong Cho, Principal of Studio Completiva and Boulder resident

Anne Shusterman

Barbara O'Neil, Executive Director of Harvest of Hope Pantry

Lisa Searchinger, Executive Director, H.O.P.E. - Homeless Outreach 

Providing Encouragement

Barbara Andrews

Andy Allison, Principal of Allison Management

David Bitler, The Inn Between, Inc.

Boulder County Housing Authority

Maddie Hebert, AIM Media / Catapult Creative Labs

Mary Jean O’Hare

Christopher Senesi

Waylon Lewis, Boulder native, Whittier Neighbor, Elephant Journal founder

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Reducing the number of adults experiencing homelessness starts with addressing the growing number of young people living on the streets. The longer someone experiences homelessness, the harder it is to stabilize in housing later on. The youth-focused supportive housing program addresses a gaping unmet need and the time is now. Thank you Attention Homes for providing critical support to the most vulnerable members of our community.
— Lisa Searchinger | Executive Director, H.O.P.E. - Homeless Outreach Providing Encouragement
As Boulder wrestles with how to deal with the Homeless problem let’s do everything we can do to prevent these kids from becoming part of it. These kids did nothing to deserve their circumstances and they need a fighting chance.
— Anne Shusterman
Attention Homes is forcing us to look at the hard realities that we face here in Boulder County. While the area enjoys an above average quality of life, we cannot forget that there are those in need in our community. This project provides the next step in the process of re-integration of this population. Having a place to call ‘home’ is critical to the normalization of a homeless youth. Knowing that there are people who care in this world goes a long way to building the kind of fulfilling life we have become accustomed to here. Attention Homes keeps compassion at the forefront for us. Projects like this must continue to be a priority if Boulder is to be a model of sustainability, compassion and innovation.
— Shaun Oshman | Founder and CEO | iSupportU
As we seek to build a thriving community, we know that investing in housing for our most vulnerable individuals and households is one of the most powerful things we can do to support stability, self sufficiency, and opportunity. 15th and Pine represents a wonderful site for Attention Homes transformative mission!
— Willa Williford | Housing Division Director | Boulder County Housing Authority
Providing good housing for homeless youth is essential for Boulder and Boulder County. Youth without appropriate shelter become victims of human trafficking are at risk for substance abuse and many other problems. This is a progressive, well-conceived project in central Boulder that will be good for public safety. I strongly support this project.
— Stan Garnett, District Attorney, 20th Judicial District
Boulder County’s homeless youth need this. I urge the community to support it.
— Kurt Nordback
Voices For Children CASA is a strong supporter of this project. Ensuring that youth can remain in their own community in a safe, supportive environment is critical in their transition to adulthood. We are thrilled that Attention Homes is stepping up and working to change the lives of these youth.
— Nia Wassink, Voices For Children CASA
As someone who currently lives just down the street from where the new housing project will stand, I am very excited for our neighborhood to have the opportunity to support and engage with this important issue. I think this housing project is an incredible opportunity for our neighborhood to stand up and support the serious issue of homeless youth who have been disadvantaged in one way or another and need assistance learning to be productive, self-sufficient, and active community members. I think it’s important to keep in the front of our minds the purpose and heart of this project. I personally feel that other details such as the appearance of the building and possible traffic implications pale in comparison to the impact this housing project will have on the lives of the individuals who so desperately need it. We can work with the developer(s) and the city to provide creative solutions to the logistical questions, while recognizing that the most important part of this project is to help at-risk young adults heal from the traumas they’ve experienced, learn healthy behaviors, and become empowered to change their own lives for the better. I also believe that the people already living in the neighborhood could be valuable sources of support, kindness and wisdom for the residents, as well as welcome the residents to contribute to the community with their many talents and passions. Since January of last year, I volunteer one day a week with Attention Homes, so I have gotten to know quite a few of the clients. Each of them is so unique and has so much insight to offer. The vast majority of them are already striving to change their lives. They work really hard, they are grateful, they support and protect each other, and they are more generous than you could imagine. Given access to stable, supportive housing, I can only imagine how much these young adults will be able to excel and find success and personal growth.

I am extremely excited for this project, and I think it is something for our neighborhood to be proud of and to stand behind.
— Megan Kellums
At the Harvest of Hope Pantry we see the successes of those who have gone from homeless to housed, working toward self-sufficiency. Many have been transient since their youth, yet finally as an adult, have been given an opportunity to transition from the streets to a stable environment. Boulder Homeless Youth Housing provides the best chance to reach and support those in need of a safe, appropriately programmed youth shelter before their lives spiral into hopelessness. This project simply makes sense.
— Barbara O'Neil | Executive Director | Harvest of Hope Pantry
As a supporter and collaborator on the Boulder County 10 year Plan to End Homelessness Board, Sister Carmen Community Center supports Attention Home’s efforts to end youth homelessness. Housing and homelessness are huge issues in Boulder County and homeless youth are one of our most vulnerable populations. We hope that neighbors and businesses will get involved and help make this project work for everyone, especially young people in need in our community.
— Suzanne Crawford | CEO | Sister Carmen Community Center
I wholeheartedly support this project and believe that this investment in helping homeless youth find stability and strength will make a difference in their adult lives. I am the Rector of a parish that is the Monday night Warming Center for BOHO, and we want to support this project because of it’s ability to deal with homelessness earlier in a person’s life. I’m a Boulder native, and soon-to-be parent at Whittier, and I am very proud to be a part of a community that takes the challenge of helping young people —who have already suffered a great deal in their lives—seriously.
— Mary Kate Rejouis | Rector | St. Aidan's Episcopal Church
The Inn Between and Attention homes over the years have collaborated to help homeless youth in our community. They are great partners who truly care and are making a real difference often helping to turn lives around. The work and housing that Attention Homes provides is critical to helping the young people they serve become stable and contributing members of the community. The fastest growing homeless population in America is youth. Everyone deserves a home, a safe place to live and grow. Without the work and support of Attention Homes there are youth in our community that will suffer and struggle to reach their potential in life. I fully support this project because it will truly help to make a real difference in the lives of teens and result of this work will benefit the community.
— David Bitler | The Inn Between, Inc.
I believe that Attention Homes has gone to great lengths to help disadvantaged youths in the Boulder area and is successfully tackling the issue of homelessness among young people. This housing project is an obvious next step in their journey and would benefit the lives of many.
— Maddie Hebert, AIM Media / Catapult Creative Labs
Stable housing for this critically underserved population makes so much sense. We know that interventions of this kind change lives. And Attention Homes is expert at this kind of innovative approach. I whole support this project and salute the teams putting together this endeavor.
— Bob Morehouse, CEO, Vermillion Design
I have been volunteering with Attention Homes for four years. I have hung out in the drop-in shelter as well as cooked and ate dinner with the shelter clients. I am always astounded by the character of these individuals even after their hardships. An example is when one couple walked into the drop-in shelter and wanted to make a donation. I accepted the donation and then they asked to do laundry and take a shower. To my surprise they were homeless, but still wanted to help other people. Having dinner with the shelter clients is always enlightening. They are so appreciative of not only the meal, but of someone caring and asking their thoughts. One gentleman shared he had received a track scholarship for college. It is amazing what these young adults can accomplish given a little support. Most of the clients have been put in a difficult situation but they are trying to change their lives. Attention Homes provides the support they need to move forward. Boulder is a very generous and supportive community, I hope that support will extend to the housing project which will make a difference for these young adults.
— Mary Jean O’Hare