John Driver: The trouble with Attention Homes Apartments

Since March 2016, Attention Homes and Gardner Capital have held five publically noticed meetings to educate, inform, and solicit input on the building’s design and programming.  Stakeholder engagement continues as we work towards a final design and operating plan.  We encourage those who are open to a meaningful dialogue to contact us – our interest in a successful outcome for the neighborhood and the future residents are aligned.

Bonnie Gossman: Wrong location for Attention Homes project

The location for our future residents is ideal – there are numerous employment opportunities, multiple transportation options, not to mention proximity to recreational amenities, volunteer options, and cultural events – right outside the door!  Whittier is a rich, diverse neighborhood for people of all ages, incomes, and backgrounds.

Jan Hittleman: Attention Homes plan is in the wrong location

This development is a logical progression of what Attention Homes has done so well for 50 years – provide stability, support, and community to young people who have been unfairly marginalized and traumatized.  Services are required and a culture of moving on to a life of self-sufficiency is the anticipated outcome.

Elizabeth Helgans: Attention Homes not playing by the zoning rules

Pending confirmation by the Planning and Development Services staff, it is our understanding the proposed project is in compliance with the Boulder Revised Code.  Firstly, the Code requires in Section 9-2-14(b)(1)(C) that the entire block (Block 122) undergo Site Review due to common ownership of the contiguous parcels contained within it.  Additionally, Section 9-8-1 allows 27.2 dwelling units/acre, pending Site Review approval.  Block 122 is 1.94 acres, which means up to 52 units may be allowed.  There are currently 7 dwelling units on the block, which means up to 45 new units may be permitted.

Daily Camera: "From the Editorial Advisory Board: Young and Homeless"

"If not for Attention Homes, we would have lost a daughter. To make a multi-year, long story very short, she was out on the street, a chronic truant and two-time runaway with many unsavory buddies."

"From the Editorial Advisory Board: Young and Homeless"
Daily Camera, Boulder